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PVD treatment of shower heads

We are excited to share with you the latest innovations in the field of PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) treatment applied to our shower heads. This cutting-edge technology is revolutionizing the industry, offering an advanced solution that combines flawless performance with high-end aesthetics.

Aesthetic covers of shower heads in different colors obtained through PVD treatment

PVD Treatment: A Step Forward in Quality and Durability

The physical vapor deposition process is an advanced coating technology that has proven to be highly effective in improving the strength and durability of materials . When applied to shower heads, this treatment offers numerous benefits, including increased resistance to corrosion, wear and stains.

Refined and long-lasting aesthetics

The PVD treatment allows you to obtain a high quality metallic finish, which not only gives a luxurious look to the shower head, but also guarantees its durability over time. This is particularly important in an environment such as the bathroom, which is subject to frequent changes in temperature and humidity.

Aesthetic covers of shower heads in different colors obtained through PVD treatment

Sustainability and Energy Efficiency

No less important is the aspect of sustainability. Shower heads treated with PVD technology demonstrate greater resistance to the accumulation of limescale and other impurities, thus reducing the need for maintenance and the use of aggressive detergents. This not only preserves the life of the shower head, but also contributes to reducing environmental impact .

Commitment to Excellence in the Bathroom Experience

The adoption of PVD technology in shower heads represents a step forward in the commitment to offer consumers a superior bathing experience. The combination of refined aesthetics, exceptional durability and optimal performance places these products at the top of the industry.

In AST , after several years of experience and research we have managed to develop the perfect formula to create every single PVD finish in a workmanlike manner, setting ourselves the objective of always obtaining the highest quality. By always maintaining an open and sensitive approach to possibilities for improvement, we have come to have full control of the process achieving impeccable results every time.

We are confident that the widespread adoption of this technology will lead to a significant transformation in the shower head industry, offering everyone the opportunity to enjoy a high-quality bathing experience.

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