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AST: Expansion and Innovation for a Sustainable Future

The AST Company is pleased to announce an important step forward in its path of growth and innovation. Thanks to the construction of a new 4000 square meter warehouse and the expansion of clean energy generation systems, AST is strengthening its commitment to a sustainable future and greater production capacity.

A new 4000 m² warehouse

The new warehouse, located at AST's headquarters, represents a significant increase in available production space. With an area of 4000 square meters, this new facility will allow the company to increase its operational capacity, improve production efficiency and accommodate new innovative production lines. This expansion is a fundamental step to respond to the growing demand of our customers and to maintain competitiveness on the market.

Expansion of Clean Energy Generation Systems

In parallel with physical expansion, AST continues to invest in environmental sustainability with the expansion of its clean energy generation systems. This project involves the installation of new technologies for the production of energy from renewable sources, such as solar panels, as well as the integration of geothermal heating and cooling systems. These innovative systems will help significantly reduce the company's ecological footprint.

underfloor heating system
Installation of the underfloor heating system

Advanced Home Automation in Production Sites

Another important innovation concerns the implementation of advanced home automation systems in all AST production sites. These intelligent systems allow you to efficiently monitor and control various aspects of business operations, including lighting, climate control, energy consumption and security. Advanced home automation not only improves operational efficiency, but also the comfort and safety of our employees.

Commitment to Sustainability

The expansion of clean energy generation systems and the implementation of geothermal systems reflect AST's commitment to environmental responsibility. The company firmly believes that sustainability is not just an opportunity, but a necessity to ensure a prosperous and secure future for the next generations. These investments in green technology will allow AST to reduce long-term energy costs and improve its overall energy efficiency.

Work for the installation of heat pumps
Work for the installation of heat pumps

The expansion of the production facility and the expansion of clean energy generation systems are testimony to AST's long-term vision, which combines economic growth and environmental sustainability. With these developments, AST is poised to consolidate its leading position in the industry by continuing to provide high-quality products to its customers and contribute positively to the environment.

AST thanks all its employees, customers and partners for their continued support and trust. Together, we are determined to build a better and more sustainable future.

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