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Giovane scienziato


AST takes great care in every phase of the development of its products, from sketch to design, from testing to packaging. in particular, great attention is paid to the analysis and testing phases. In fact, the internal laboratory puts the prototypes and the entire series production under severe test cycles, in order to verify the excellent quality of the components and their perfect functioning.

Over the years, following many years of collaboration with our partners and customers, we have obtained gratifying feedback both in terms of quality and economic savings. This was possible thanks to the use of cutting-edge technologies, adapting the types of construction and the related materials and thicknesses.


Quality of Materials

The raw material is purchased from the best producers and checked before being accepted and put into processing.


Microscopic inspection of welds

Our products are subjected to chemical analysis of the material and in case of welds they are checked under a microscope.

Resistance test of the materials used

at AST we subject our products to various tests: our welded shower heads, for example, are resistant to more than 30'000 air pumping cycles and their connection is resistant to more than 8'000 tear-off cycles.


Perfect functioning test

All production is carefully checked and bench tested before leaving our factory.

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